Executive Team

• Represent the Student Chapter at all events
• Preside at Executive and General Chapter Meetings
• Assist in any activity that other executive members may be unable to perform
• Co-ordinate meetings and prepare meeting agendas
• Defining goals for the year
• Co-signing of cheques

VP Funding & Finance
• Prepare budget for the academic year and maintains a record of Chapter expenses
• Seek funding opportunities and develop funding proposals (EngSoc, SIF, UTERN etc.)
• Oversee the administration of the acquired funds and submits the required reports as per the requirements of each funding source
• Maintain log of receipts, upload electronic receipts to box.com
• Co-signing of cheques

VP Administration
• Record meeting minutes, maintain updated records and circulate minutes to executives
• Prepare attendance sheet for events and sign-in
• Maintain electronic and hard copy records of all chapter documents

VP Communications
• Maintain Chapter mailing list and updates members of Chapter activities
• Post events of the Chapter Facebook page
• Contact mailing list regarding upcoming events
• Seek out collaboration with other student clubs
• Responsible for electronic advertising of events
• Post event flyers

VP Web Administration
• Design flyers for all events
• Maintain Chapter website
• Take photos at events
• Coordinate with VP Communications to post photos of events

VP Events
• Book rooms and/or equipment for all events
• Order food and drinks for events
• Post event flyers